Forms Spacing on Shearwater Hybrid 16

I'm setting the forms in place, and have a few questions:

1) Form number 10 is the rearmost form within the cockpit. It seems to fit right up against the rear bulkhead. Is this correct? Will it leave enough room behind the coaming for the backband, etc.? What's the proper distance?

2) The front bulkhead sits between forms 5 & 6. When I lay a strip across the forms, the height of forms 5 & 6 are such that there's a 1/2" gap between the strip and the top of the front bulkhead. I assume the top of the bulkhead should be in line with the adjacent forms, correct? My sheer clamp heights are pretty close to the targets.

3) Hot melt glue location and amount on the forms? On hull? Sheer clamp? Both? A bead? Or just a "dab" as the instructions say?

4) Does the notched cockpit form that connects forms 7-10 get any glue or other means to preserve its orientation to the forms?




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RE: Forms Spacing on Shearwater Hybrid 16


I spent a lot of time obsessing about this on my SW17h. I was under the impression that the forms were supposed to be at 1 ft centers but that is not where they hit the shearclamps . I ended up putting them where they fell, trimming some and shimming others to make the deck fair. I tacked everything, adjusted some and retacked with hot glue. I tacked the notched cockpit pieces but found that they broke when I removed them. I tried stapling the cockpit apron to the form but found that even long staples did not hold well to the particle board and I ended up wire tying it to the forms. 

I'm also working on my wifes SW17h, I'd love to hear more input on this as I am almost at that stage


RE: Forms Spacing on Shearwater Hybrid 16

Oops. My wife's Shearwater hybrid is the 16, same as yours

RE: Forms Spacing on Shearwater Hybrid 16

Thanks, Dan.

I've read a ton of your posts and looked at your pics. A big help, for sure. The instruction manual has a lot of gaps. I'm sure CLC could answer most of my questions, but they always seem to pop up when they're closed.

I chose not to sweat the 12" centers after reading through the many posts on the subject. I also found at leat one pic of a SW 16 out there where the rear cockpit form was up against the bulkhead. So that's where I put mine. I'm reasonably happy with the way the forms are lining up. Gonna start stripping the deck this week.

Cheers, Pat

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