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Hey all,

 I fiberglassed my hull yesterday (Chesapeake 16) - went well I think.  Our shop has a tin roof, which I think holds heat up in the attic, and sort of radiates it down for several hours after the high point of the day.  Consequently, I didn't start glassing until about 8pm yesterday.  My question is, now that I have one coat on there, can I apply my epoxy fill coats at any time, or do I still need to wait until the day is cooling?  Ie. will the first layer seal everything in well enough?  Thanks,


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RE: Outgassing Question

Quite sure the outgassing issue only applies to coating bare wood, so that first coat should have sealed it.  Does it look good - no little bubbles? :-)



RE: Outgassing Question

Awesome, thanks Old Yeller - that's kind of what I'm guessing as well.

 And yep, it came out awesome.  No little bubbles whatsoever, and no voids, floating glass, etc.  Compared to my job glassing the inside, it went smooth as can be.  This is my first time dealing with fiberglass, and my interior fillets/glass are messy.  Oh well, live and learn.  I'll be able to sand out, inject, etc. the inside to make it good enough, but now I know for next time what I'm actually aiming for, and what the steps look like along the way, so it should be a million times smoother.  Adios,


RE: Outgassing Question

Spruce,  I made the mistake of heating the garage (where I am building my C16) and keeping it warm when I glassed the hull.  One could use my boat as an example of how not to do it !  Plenty little bubbles.

With the decks, the helpful people at CLC told me to glass late in the day with a falling temperature. Worked like a dream.

As you say, we live and learn.

Enjoy your project.


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