zcar's Shearwater 17 Build

I've posted a bunch of questions and received a ton of help from posters on this site.  I haven't really figured out the picture-posting process, but here's a link to my current build photos in case anyone finds them interesting or helpful - particularly anyone who wants to use VCP-style hatches on a wooden boat.  I'll try to keep this up to date as my build progresses.


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RE: zcar's Shearwater 17 Build

Looks nice, I look at the Shearwater 17 and wonder if I decided if I am building the right boat, I just started a C17, Both are beautiful boats. I had one question for you though. On your tack welds how did you do your epoxy? I used epoxy filled with wood flour and I wasn't too happy about the result. i ended up having to do alot of clean up on a rock hard substance. Your's doesn't look filled. What did you do?

 Thanks, Jason




RE: zcar's Shearwater 17 Build

Jason - I'm not sure if what I did was correct, but I did thicken the tack weld epoxy with wood flour.  It was relatively runny compared to the fileting mixture.  I was able to pull it into the "welding" syringe fairly easily.  It was basically just thick enough not to run all over the place (like really cheap ketchup I guess), and I tried to use as little as possible.  My brief experience so far suggests that anything involving epoxy is going to be tough to sand.  By keeping my welds runny, I didn't get any really high spots, and I didn't break any joints working with the boat before fileting.  As long as what you do holds the boat together for filets, I think it will work fine.


RE: zcar's Shearwater 17 Build

I made my tack wels as thick as the fillet epoxy and ended up with a lot of high spots. Next time I'll keep it thinner. Looks a lot nice and less work.



RE: zcar's Shearwater 17 Build

First, let me say that the Shearwater is not only a beautiful boat, but that it performs as well as it looks. I sold mine only because my size 11 shoes didn't fit in it, despite what CLC says.

I recently finished my fourth S&G hull and find that Cell-O-Fill works much better for tack welds than wood flour because it tends to give you a stiffer mix at equal viscosity. Use a syringe to apply about an 1/8" bead. A dash of wood flour in the mix will give you the brown color if you want it.


RE: zcar's Shearwater 17 Build

That is what I will have to do for my next boat, a Shearwater 17.

RE: zcar's Shearwater 17 Build

A couple  days ago, you were a few steps behind me, but you've just passed me with blazing speed.  At this rate, you'll likely finish before I even get my deck on!  Your project looks great in pictures, and I'm sure you'll enjoy the Chesapeake.


RE: zcar's Shearwater 17 Build

I'm exciting it is going so well and quick, unfortunately after tomorrow night I will be gone for a week for family reunions which will slow me down a little. Hoping to have it done by labor day though. Luckily I have had a lot of time to work on it. I've enjoyed your pics a lot and learned some things too. My chesapeake will make a good beginner boat, real stable and solid, then maybe I can get my wife hooked with it so I can buy my next kayak quicker.

Good luck 


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