Fore deck seems to be off a little

Maybe this isn't a big deal, maybe someone's seen this.

Mill Creek 16.5, just installed decks yesterday, and everything fit and lined up nicely EXCEPT where the carlins meet the deck beam.   At that point, or maybe 6" back, the deck didn't seem to want to meet the carlins, even with clamps, I clamped as far as I could, but it seems there's about a 1" separation where the carlins meet.  The deck looks great from outside, maybe this is the result of using weights instead of a person to hold the deck down while I nailed it.  I didn't have a person handy. :)

I'm not too concerned, I guess I'm wondering if there's something I could or should do to enhance the structural integrity of that area now that it's done.  The deck is nailed and glued, so there's no undoing it at this point.  

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RE: Fore deck seems to be off a little


There is a funny spot in the MC 16.5, as you described.  I think I got mine a bit closer to the carlins, but there is a definite unfairness to the deck in that area.  If I look at the deck to coaming intersection, in profile, I can see a slight hump in the deck.  No big deal, but it is there.

If you want the deck well tied to the carlins, slather up some wedges with thickened epoxy and slide them in between the deck and the carlins.  However, once the coaming is fit and glued in place, nothing is goiing to move.  It should all be fine.

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RE: Fore deck seems to be off a little

That's reassuring.  I'm really excited about the progress I've made on this boat over the last month.  I hadn't touched the boat at that point, since I finished stitching her together and finishing the inside gluing in March 2007, when I had made about a month of progress.  Life interrupted progress, and then some other things happened, including a job change.  Finally, early last month I got back into the swing of things, and here I am now with the decks installed and ready for trimming.


Decks installed

RE: Fore deck seems to be off a little

I feel a lot better now.  What my imagination thought was 1" turned out to be more like 3/8" when I actually went downstairs to look at it.  I just unclamped the decks, and I don't think it'd be noticeable by anyone but a fellow boat builder, and while I have the utmost respect for you guys, you aren't my target audience for this boat. :)  Target audience is my family and the people I might meet on the river.  And they'll never see that gap.  :)

RE: Fore deck seems to be off a little

The assembly manual and the plans for the MC16.5 say two different things about the spacing of the ends of the carlins that attach to the deck beam. The book says to center the trimmed ends on the center line on the deckbeam....and the plans show a wider spacing at that end to accomodate the rabbeted block to thedeckbeam....which is correct...??

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