Passagemaker or Skerry?

Well since a Pocketship construction just doesn't fit into my schedule right now I've had to think smaller.  I am 6'5" and would like a small boat that is used primarily for sailing and would carry 1 or 2 passengers.  It would also be nice if I could cartop it easily.  I like the Passagemaker take apart option which would probably simplify transport but I've been reading in some forums that the Skerry is the better dedicated sailer.  Can you make a recommendation which would be the better boat for me?   Thanks!

P.S. - I've also considerd the Easport pram for it's easy transport and ease of construction.  I think I have to rule it out because to me it looks like a one man boat and small for someone of my height.  I would love to be told otherwise though.


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RE: Passagemaker or Skerry?


You will be well served by either design.  Interestingly, the Passagemaker is reputed to be a slightly quicker sailer in light airs than the Skerry, what with the Passagemaker's greater sail area.  In a stiffer breeze, the Skerry will take the lead, of course, with its longer waterline and finer shape.  The Passagemaker's real forte is cargo hauling capacity, which might be of interest to a taller individual.  Many owners cartop their standard Passagemakers.  I'm sure the same can be said of the Skerry, even though the greater length and beam might make that slightly more difficult.  You mention the Skerry forums you have perused; have you explored the Passagemaker Dinghy Forum?  You should also be aware of a bit of cross-pollination as regards sail rigs for the respective boats- some builders of Passagemakers have adopted the lug rig of the Skerry, while some Skerry builders have installed the gunter sloop rig of the Passagemaker.  So you needen't feel constrained by one rig or the other when choosing your hull.

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