Front bulkhead position on Arctic Hawk

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I would like to move the front bulkhead back for a custom fit on an Arctic Hawk and leave out the foot pedals.  The manual explicitly says not to move the bulkhead because it will change the shape and integrity of the boat.  This is obviously true if I moved the existing bulkhead instead of cutting a new one that fits the new location, but is the actual position of the bulkhead so critical?  If so, I could install the existing bulkhead with a hole in it and then add another.  That seems like overkill but, on the other hand, I don't want to make a mistake that changes the structure of the boat.  Is there something special about the Arctic Hawk that makes this a big no no? 

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RE: Front bulkhead position on Arctic Hawk

Ed, I think what you're talking about is okay.  I "moved" the front bulkheads several inches aft on the two Chesapeakes I'm building.  But it's simple to check with CLC's Customer Service, for some extra peace of mind.


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