How long to wait after gluing scarfs?

Hey all,

 I just started my first ever boat - a Chespeake 16.  I cut and glued the scarfs today - I finished at 8:20pm.  I used West Marine epoxy, with the 207 hardner, and it's been mid or upper 80s here in Pittsburgh, and my shop is hot.  It won't get much cooler overnight - not under 70 for sure.


So, can I unclamp, layout, and cut my panels tomorrow morning, at say 8 or 9?  And should I wait until the evening to begin stitching, or can I begin it even earlier?  Obviously I don't want to risk breaking those scarfs, but I don't have a whole lot going on right now, and I would like to just hammer away at the boat.  Thanks,



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RE: How long to wait after gluing scarfs?

If the epoxy is rock hard, you're good to go....if not, wait.   I find that the most convenient way to determine whether  that is the case is to inspect the cup I mixed the epoxy in... there always seems to be a little bit left in there, no matter how closely I matched the amount I mixed up to the job at instead of throwing out the cup right away when I'm done applying epoxy, I set it down by the boat.... which seems to be a much better plan than potentially prematurely unclamping joints, or risking messing up a nice fillet by touching it to see if it is hard.....

 Julie K

RE: How long to wait after gluing scarfs?

Cool - I did the same thing with the cup.  I'm pretty sure it'll be rock hard when I go in there today - it was pretty hard before I even left.  Might be some fun epoxying later on, considering how fast it kicks at this temp,



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