skerry deck plates

Hi there. I am a prospective skerry builder... in love with the design.

Quick question for other skerry builders: Have any of you installed your deck plates on the top deck of the forward and aft compartments, as apposed to on the bulkheads below? It seems to me that you would have better access to those compartments that way, but maybe there is a design issue that I am not considering. I'd like to outfit a skerry for long-distance beachcruising in Alaska and I would need to place some items inside those watertight compartments for safe-keeping while in the field (flares, small emergency kit, etc.).

Any thoughts for either method? 



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RE: skerry deck plates

I forgot to ask about one other thing: Have any skerry builders experimented with installing a kayak-style hatch (perhaps with the invisible hatch cover system) on the tops of their watertight compartments?


I like this option as it would not interfere with the aesthetics of the boat, but it seems like it might be less strong and perhaps not as watertight, eliminating the floatation functionality.


Again, any thoughts? Thanks! 

RE: skerry deck plates

I considered installing the deckplates in the seat tops, but in the end I installed them as per the plans. This is because A) I thought it would be uncomfortable on the bum, B) It might get scratched more easily C) It might make a weak spot in the seat so that when someone heavy like myself (200+ lbs) sat on it the seat top may crack.

I'm not familiar with kayak-style hatches, but I have seen some people make wooden deckplates for other boats.

Perhaps a workaround you may consider is installing plastic deckplates, and then epoxy gluing a thin wooden face on top of the cap. Another solution may be to simply bring along a cooler, or even fashion a watertight box that velcro sticks to the underside of the middle seat. With a little creativity the possibilities are endless!

I plan on taking Sjøhest (the name of my Skerry) on a multi-day expedition late July. I can comment more in August.

Good luck, and please post pictures of what you decide on. We'd all love to see!



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