Rowing wing installation

I am at the stage of installing the rowing seat in an Annapolis Wherry and have found that the forward mounting holes on the main beam are about 6" forward of the forward seat. Can someone give some insight on how to mount it? Thanks.

Bill from Ottawa 

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RE: Rowing wing installation

Drill a hole at the right place all the way through the row-wing beam. Not too elegant, but that's the way the CLC recommends. I couldn't come up with anything better when I was facing the same question.

RE: Rowing wing installation

  I also simply drilled new holes in the row wing beam where it matched the seat. Worked well. I did beef up the underside of the seat so there wasn't too much stress on the seat.

RE: Rowing wing installation

Thanks for confirming this.

RE: Rowing wing Maintenance

What is a good recommended mainteance procedure. Does the track need to be lubricated as well as the bearings? If so what type of lubricate for the track and bearings.


Bob Davidson

RE: Rowing wing installation


I hose mine down occassionally when using it in fresh water and definitely everytime the boat has been in salt water.  I run the seat back and forth with the hose shooting on the wheels.  Have lubricated once or twice with bike chain lubricant (silicone stuff)  Have had no troubles in 2 1/2 years.


RE: Rowing wing Maintenace

  Thanks Paul


I'll give the bike chain lube a try. Since my son is a  biker (he's got three hanging in the garage now no room for my wherry)  he has all sorts of lube.

thanks again 



RE: Rowing wing installation

You do not want to lubricate the external surfaces of the seat wheels or tracks!  Lubricant will serve no purpose other than to attract dirt.  The bearings are sealed.


Keep the track rails clean and dry.  Every day, before each row, I wipe down the rails where the wheels ride with a clean cloth to remove grit.  Problems only arise if you run the seat on dirty rails causing dirt to become embedded in, or coated onto the nylon wheels.  If that happens remove the seat stop, remove the seat assembly and clean the wheels with alcohol or silicone spry on a rag.


If you run in salt water, you will need to rinse with fresh water and wipe down the wheels and rails. 

RE: Rowing wing installation

@ Oxford Pete


Thanks for the info, 


bob d

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