9 year old boat needs some refinishing - scratches and bare wood showing

I've got some scratches - some pretty deep, most superficial. My main concern are the seams at the bow and stern, where running the boat up to the shore over the years has scraped against rocks and caused bare wood to show. I am planning on using some fiberglass 4" tape in these spots to repair and reinforce it. After searching the forum I am still a bit confused as to how far to sand down before applying the tape and then epoxy.

My other thought is to re-epoxy the hull, especially where the scratches are.

 I'm not super worried about apperance of the hull, since in the water you can't see it and I already repaired a hole I put in it while building the boat! (It fell when I was filling the ends and it was upright - strong wind brought it down on a sawhorse!)


Thanks in advance for the help. 

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RE: 9 year old boat needs some refinishing - scratches and bare wood showing


I have several suggestions / comments:

1.  In the areas where you are down to wood, you need to sand enough to clean it up and to feather out onto the old glass where it is still well attached.

2.  If the area you are covering is at the base of the stem & stern posts, then you will have better luck with some glass cloth rather than tape.  You can cut the cloth on the bias and it will lay much better over the curve.

3.  You may want to add the rub strips offered by CLC.  They are two layers of dynel cloth bedded in epoxy and covered with epoxy thickened with carbon powder.  These are very very tough and the black will cover any ugly spots where the wear has been the worst.

4.  If the entire bottom is banged up, and you anticipate a lot more bangs, you might want to consider a black bottom - epoxy and carbon.  Lazlo can give you the ins and outs of that process as I believe he put that on his Woo Duck.

5.  Going back to your question, you need to at least sand off all the varnish / paint in the areas that will receive repair.  If you have good cglass, don't cut through it.

Enjoy your refurb.


RE: 9 year old boat needs some refinishing - scratches and bare wood showing

Thanks for the quick reply. Great suggestions and advice. That's kinda what I had figured but some of the other posts I read were confusing.

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