Thanks to David--Colorado Mess-about

Special thank you to David Gentry for his organization of the Colorado Mess-about at Boyd lake today. It was great to meet him as well as a good number of folks and see the great variety of home builds that they represent--great bunch. I also want to thank every one for the possitive remarks regarding my not yet completed W.D. 12 Hybrid and to David for giving me a seat and a Greenland paddle which allowed me to splash the duck a little prematurely but it was awsome just the same.Thats an experience I hope to share with some pictures latter--- unless someone from the group with more computer skills beats me to it....CZ

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RE: Thanks to David--Colorado Mess-about

Thanks, Steve - had a great time and it was good to meet you and the others! Lots of nice boat here - I counted 18-19 by the end - not bad for a first effort!

More pics can be seen here:

 BTW, folks, Steve's Wood Duck has likely THE nicest strip deck I've ever seen . . . . 

Glad you got to paddle her yesterday!

 Here's the proud builder


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