Restoration work

Hello: after few year of neglect I need to give my chesapeake 17 some major tlc.

Most important it the fiberglass has worn down to exposed wood on the aft keel section so that is the first and most important issue.

Please tell me if doing this in the right order 

My goal is keep dry till I can repair.

Then sand and clean.

Do I have to remove old paint before filling with epoxy or adding new fiberglass or just take it down to a matte finish?

 Any other tips?



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RE: Restoration work

You need to get down to the old glass, or wood if the glass is gone.  Epoxy stuck to paint will not hold anythiing together.

Sand the area until you have old epoxy exposed all around the repair area with that area showing old glass or bare wood.  Then lay down new glass extending out onto the old epoxy.  Wet it out and fill the weave like new construction and then sand to smooth it out and to feather into the old epoxy.  Repaint to cover the sins.

Good luck


RE: Restoration work

did you have any plywood separation?  And if so, are you going to use wood filler? 

Please see my post "Seaworthy" where I am asking this question.  I didn't think this boat ever had any fiberglass on top; you said yours vanished???

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