Chester yawl decks

I am looking to cover the decks with thin hardwood lumber, maybe 1/4 inch or so. Anybody see a problem with this? The decks would still be built as in the plans with plywood, just covered with hardwood for looks.



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RE: Chester yawl decks

I don't see any "decks" on the Chester Yawl.  Are you referring to the fore and aft seats / flotation compartment tops?  If they are compartment tops I guess they could be decks.  Assuming they are, your idea may look just fine, but will add a bit of weight.  Especially if you use hardwood.  Why not just build the compartment tops out of strips, or varying width planks?  You can build up an assembly to the rough shape and then cut it to the final shape just like you would the plywood panels.  If you have a kit, you can use the original plywood panels for patterns.  Just some ideas.


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