Launched Chesapeake 17

Hello all,


I've been a long time observer of the forum and what people are posting, or doing to resolve potential roadblocks. I appreaciate all the information and updates that everyone gives. I hope to have a concise build update of issues I ran into during my build....but in the meantime here is link to the build of my 17. Hope you like.




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RE: Launched Chesapeake 17

Cool boat. I'm interested in what I take to be stain on the aft part. How did you control the edge of the stain? SEEYA Jack

RE: Launched Chesapeake 17

For the entire bottom we used your basic blue tape that you can get at any hardware store. Around the coaming to do the half circles we used a paper plate (seriously) to get the general shape down with a pencil. We then used the same tape they use to put on those flames or whatever on cars it's about a 1/4" thick. It's pretty easy to roll around an arc. Once we got the tape down I tool a razor blade and "just" broke the surface of the wood along the tape to make certain that any stain that got excessive in one area of tape would actually roll down into the crevise created by the razor blade. Epoxy and varnish over the stain.


Thanks for the compliment Jack.

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