Painting hull and deck

So originally I had thought I would paint the hull of my Chesapeake Sport Tandem white and varnish the deck, but after putting on aforesaid deck and having issues keeping nicks and blemishes from happening, I'm reconsidering my finish scheme.

 Any advice on painting the whole boat?  I'd probably go white on the hull and red on the deck.  I've never seen a stitch and glue boat fully painted, is that because they just look hideous?

 Thanks for any input.



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RE: Painting hull and deck

hideous? not at all.  Consider this; the vast majority of wood boats are varnished.  You will be unique.  Besides, there was a post on this side some time back of a S&G that was completely painted black.  It looked stunning.  One of the comments was something to the effect of a work of art, not just anohter varnished boat. 

Have some fun with it, I painted my SOF white with a red bow with maple leafs randomly down the deck.  Looks great. - mine's the one with the dog.

RE: Painting hull and deck

David that looks great!  Which shade of white is that?  I'm thinking of doing my boat white with a Texas flag and maybe a racing stripe...

RE: Painting hull and deck

thanks, I am very happy with her.  I used Sikkens Super Gloss White and Sikkens Gloss Red.  The maple leafs are vinyl stick ons that luckily the Sikkens red matched perfectly.  I used the extra vinyl that was left over from around the leafs as the mask for the jagged edge.   The black on the bow and stern are graphic rub strips.  I rubbed a spot on the bow from landing on the beach so I now have a cab-o-sil thickened epoxy "pad" under the carbon.

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