One more week!

I'm two bungie cords and a coat of varnish (hatches) away from the water!


















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RE: One more week!

Not sure why my images always get so gooned up in here... easier this way:


RE: One more week!

Very nice!

RE: One more week!

Nice looking boat and an interesting paint scheme. The forward loop handle is also different. What is the purpose of the raised ridges on the aft deck? Go try it out and have fun.

RE: One more week!


I have those raised ridges under all my bungies.  First thought was that they look nice (without adding much weight) - they're Zebra wood, very nice grain; second was that it'd be easier to slip a finger/hand under the bungies to pull up and slide stuff under. 

I wish I'd added them to the hatch cover edges because both of my covers are a tad warped and the raised edges might have given the straps enough leverage to pull them down (I can do it easily with my hand but the straps are too low to create the necessary  leverage).

The loop handle was my answer to not drilling a 5/8" hole through my bow..., hopefully it'll be as effective.

The paint scheme serves a purpose; it hides all my glue joints/seams but still lets me show off most of the wood on the sides.  Oh, and that forward slant will make it go faster on the water!

Thanks for the compliments; launching this weekend.


RE: One more week!

Adding Zebra wood ridges to your hatches sounds like a good winter-time project.  Enjoy your launch.  Good luck paddling.

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