New RO Sander

I was sanding my WD 12 Hybrid today in preparation for varnish. I used my new Festool RO sander, and must say that I am extreamly pleased. It is not only much quieter, but the vibration is very minimal, and allowed me to sand for several hours without my hands going numb.  The dust collection is superb, and I also noticed that the sanding discs last much longer than with the previous sander.

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RE: New RO Sander

Wow ! Pretty High praise.  

My sander has given me 8 years hard labour, and shows the signs.  It knocks and pings lick the engine in my first car, wobbles like a drunken sailor, and the cable is about ready to make a break for it...

Will look at the Festool for next RO sander [does it come with a straight edge attachment?] :) 

RE: New RO Sander

Festools are the Rolls Royce of tools, but it's hard for most of us to justify the exhorbitant cost when a $70 DeWalt works just as well. -Wes

RE: New RO Sander

I looked at Festool RO sanders but they are too rich for my blood.

 I'm very happy with my Ridgid 5" RO, and it has a lifetime warranty.

RE: New RO Sander

As someone who's worked on Rolls-Royces, I'll stick with my Ford ...Dewalt ROS, that is.

That said, I did just buy a festool mini shopvac/dust remover. It's quiet, variable speed, and you plug your sander (etc) right into it and it turns on with a current sensor. Hopefully I won't trash the basement as bad this time.


RE: New RO Sander

It was a birthday present to myself. And it was a nice treat, because I spent the last few weeks dealing with prostate surgery and all the related issues, and all I wanted to do was to work on my kayak.

RE: New RO Sander

I'm familiar with birthday presents to myself.  :)  Looking forward to many more.  Here's hoping you have many more too.  And good luck working on and paddling in your kayak.

RE: New RO Sander

I have many sanders and all do a fair to good job, but I must confess that the Festool RO sander  and its companion LS sander, when coupled with the Festool mini-vacuum, do a superb job. The RO has a dual role that allows the quick sanding and the finish sanding operations on the same unit with the flic kof a switch. The dust extraction is by far the best of any unit I have thus observed. The unit is almost vibration free and the cooling system allows one to use the sanders for hours at a time in comfort. Yes, they are expensive...quality usually is. 

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