Fiberglass on Northeaster

I just finished the exterior fiberglass on my Northeaster and had some problems getting the 6oz cloth to lie flat on the garboards. The wrinkles just would not come out, and rolling them flat seemed like a 16-foot long 3-D version of Whack-a-mole.

In the end, the wrinkles were still there and when I sanded them flat, it cut through the cloth. I ended up recoating the bottom with a twill fabric, and what a difference - it draped perfectly and wet out with no bubbles or wrinkles. Given the user friendly nature of the twill fabric, is there is any advantage to the plain weave that CLC supplies with the kit?

 By the way, hat's off to the overall design of the kit! The boat went together quickly and without a hitch. I've built a Mill Creek 16.5, and the dory has been a far easier project.


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RE: Fiberglass on Northeaster

I also had a problem with some air bubble which I had to cut out and fill. Other than that I think one simply must be real careful when flattening out the cloth. I didn't have a problem with wrinkles as you describe.

RE: Fiberglass on Northeaster

A trick is to lay the cloth out and leave it there over night to 'relax' a bit- sometimes it makes if conform better.

RE: Fiberglass on Northeaster

I will contribute this "fix" to a booboo glassing in the bow section of the floor: We laid it out, let it relax, massaged it into a nice contact and then somehow it was too narrow next to the forward edge of the first bulkhead. curseword curseword. I got all dressmaker on it and cut it down the midline, spread it and smoothed it some more and laid a nicely overlapping little wedge-shaped insert just so. If you could find it now that it's epoxied down and sanded smooth, you might think it was done that way on purpose.

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