Skeg Installation

In the instructions for the skeg installation on an Annapolis Wherry, it indicates that 3 longer #8 screws and 1 shorter #8 should be used. I only find 4-1" #8 screws in the package. Are the "longer #8's" longer than those supplied or is the shorter #8 shorter than those supplied?


Additionally there are a hole bunch of 1" nails in the parts bag but I haven't found any reference to what they are intended for in the instruction book. (I may missed it if there is)


Thanks, Bill from Ottawa

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RE: Skeg Installation


I just used the screws supplied and hacksawed off any protrusion sticking out the bottom of the skeg. The nails are for attaching the wormshoe to the skeg.

RE: Skeg Installation

I didn't like the screw heads on the inside of the boat so I took them out after the fillets cured and filled with thickened epoxy.

RE: Skeg Installation


I get it now. skeg and wormshoe installed.

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