Completed Little Auk with pics!


Just completed the 11' Little Auk kayak design by Nick Schade. My construction library is here:

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RE: Completed Little Auk with pics!

VERY COOL BOAT. Thanks for the great picture gallery. I'm interested in knowing about the significance of the graphics used. Please share anything you'd like here or contact me at jacknlin@aol.ocm. SEEYA Jack

RE: Completed Little Auk with pics!


Great job on the boat and the web site. I am using some purple heart in my WD-Hybrid and I found your use of it interesting. I also like your coaming risers out of the wood strips-I believe that this is a better and more visual appealing than the epoxied layers of plywood. Great job with the graphics --reminds me of the Alaskan -Eskimo art-----your whole project is something to be proud of-great job and thanks for sharing---CZ

RE: Completed Little Auk with pics!

Beautiful boat and very creative.  Everytime one of you guys posts photos of a newly completed project, I realize I have to build another, so I can do a better job than I did on the first.

RE: Completed Little Auk with pics!

Hi Bavarian.  Fabulous job!  A coupla questions:

Could you explain how you operate the bungee system on your hatch? (I tried to include a link to your photo here, but probably didn't do it correctly)

Hatch Bungees

I'd love to also hear more details about the materials and methods you used to create all those gorgeous graphics.


RE: Completed Little Auk with pics!

A closer look an another of your photos suggests that two of the deck "eyes" in your hatch bungee system might actually be hooks.  If that is the case, then that answers my question.  Very neat and clever.

Now, how did you find (or make) those graphics, and how did you get them onto your boat?


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