Westriver18 finished

I'd built my boat from Sept.06-Jan.07 and finished it last spring. I hadn't been around anyone with a digital camera while I was in it untill this week, so I finally decided to post some pic.


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RE: Westriver18 finished

Oh, right...the pics.


RE: Westriver18 finished

Sorry, I don't understand how the Add Image works.

RE: Westriver18 finished

RE: Westriver18 finished

RE: Westriver18 finished

RE: Westriver18 finished

well is it up to expectation?

RE: Westriver18 finished

Looks good from here. Nice job!



RE: Westriver18 finished

It really was well worth it. I bought a plastic boat a couple years ago, and buy the end of that summer wanted a better boat, so I decided to build rather than buy.

I must admit, I didn't paddle much last summer after finishing it, but I've lost 56 lbs since February, so I've been back in the boat more lately.

I went to a symposium two weeks ago, but took my plastic boat, since I wasn't sure how climbing around on top of this one would work, but I got out last weekend and practiced self rescues and rolling in the WR18. I made some good thigh and hip braces in it and it worked pretty well...better than my plastic boat.

I'm in Northern Indiana, so most of my paddling is done on inland lakes, so the roughest water I get is boat wakes and chop...but I really enjoy paddling in that.

I've heard people talk about how straight it tracks, and it does, but it's pretty responsive to edging. I don't have a skeg or rudder.

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