CLC 17LT fwd deck beam

Hi,  first time builder.  I am about ready to install the fwd. deck beam, the plans place it 24" from the bow but at that position it is about 3/4" short, it fits best at 22" from bow.  Question is should I place it at the 22" mark or at the 24", and if at the 24" should I squeeze the bow to conform to the deck beam or use thickened epoxy to fill in the gap?

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RE: CLC 17LT fwd deck beam

For peace of mind, I'd check with Customer Service before altering the placement of any structural components.  But I'd think moving that little beam a couple inches forward would be okay.  I wouldn't squeeze the bow gunwales together too much, because it's nice to have the reserve bouyancy for lifting over waves.

If I remember right, the main beam (at the front of the cockpit coaming) I got in my kit had enough extra length that I just used the offcut from that to use up in the bow.  If you haven't cut that yet, maybe you can do the same.  Good luck.


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