Epoxy Error and Fix suggestions

2 Questions: 1. I have made the crucial epoxy error of applying epoxy past its time. I have tried my best to sand the areas where it is uneven and scraped to the best of my ability but there is still uneven ridges. Also there are drip marks in the epoxy. I did this on the second coat of epoxy and my question is if i epoxy over these areas will the they disappear with more coats of epoxy? I am using a brown tint epoxy and my thoughts were that the areas would disappear with more layers and would become smooth. 2. Is there any issue with using a mas resin with a west hardener?


I will also be putting a varnish over this all if that makes a difference.



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RE: Epoxy Error and Fix suggestions


I made the same mistake on my second coat.  I suggest you keep sanding the bad areas. Try using a courser grade paper (80, even 60 if you must) for just those areas. If you run your hand over the area and still feel ridges, sand some more. The next coat of epoxy will not smooth it out and the varnish not only does not hide flaws, it accentuates them

As for using Mas with West Systems, I also tried that and it didn't work.  Mas uses a 2:1 ratio whereas West uses a 5:1 ratio.  I would get some more Mas slow hardener which you can get in quart size if needed.


Good luck.



RE: Epoxy Error and Fix suggestions

Do NOT mix different manufacturers' resins and hardeners. Each manufacturer has their own variations on epoxy chemistry and they are not compatible.

As far as the drips, wrinkles and ridges, you'll need to sand them off. if you're having problems sanding them, maybe the problem is your sanding equipment. Check out the sanding Shop Tips. Only apply more epoxy once the low spots are getting close to the glass.

Good luck,



RE: Epoxy Error and Fix suggestions

You can also try a cabinet or carbide-tipped paint scraper to get off the drips and runs.  I used one of these and it was my favorite tool - much faster and easier than sanding.  Just takes off the highspots. 


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