Transporting on a 08 GMC Acadia

Need help.  So I went out and bought the Thule J Brackets for my roof rack and the bow and stern tie down straps.  I plan on launching my Chesse 16 this weekend and did a dry run just to make sure everything fits.  Glad I did becuase I noticed there is really no place to tie down the bow or stern to the car without bending or breaking my plastic bumper?  Does anyone else have a similar vehicle or hear of this problem and give me some advice?  Thanks.

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RE: Transporting on a 08 GMC Acadia

I am not familiar with your car specifically but I have strapped many boats to many different cars and usually you have to go well past the bumper to find a good attachment point.  Look for a hole in one of the frame rails usually 8-20 inches beyond the edge of the bumper. 

RE: Transporting on a 08 GMC Acadia

Add loops of webbing under the hood. Nice thing about that is when your not using them you can fold them under the hood.


RE: Transporting on a 08 GMC Acadia

What dehager said.  Look for screws that hold the fender, just under where the edge of the hood comes down.  Twist out a screw, burn a hole in each end of a short length of webbing (say, 10"), fold the webbing and put the screw through both holes, insert screw back into hole and tighten.  Just don't burn the hole too close to the ends of the webbing.  Works for lots of people.  Happy travelling and paddling.

RE: Transporting on a 08 GMC Acadia

I cartop on a Chevy HHR. My bow line goes under the bumper and ties  up behind the radiator support. I have to lift the hood when tying or untying. Any place the bowline rubs on the paint I tie a cloth pad to avoid taking the paint off.

RE: Transporting on a 08 GMC Acadia

Most cars have a place for a toe truck to connect to one one each side.\, front and back.  that is where I hock my lines to on a Prius.   Good luck.

Coach C.

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