Interlux goldspar satin varnish

A bit confused on using this: CLC store says often used as a final coat ( over regular varnish as offers no UV protection ) and it is "especially popular for the interiors of open boats." OK, but then reading elsewhere, including manufacturer's website, that this is for interior use only...

Since this seems to be a "popular" method of imparting a matte like finish ( which is exactly what I want ), what's the verdict here? How well does it hold up to water and sun exposure?




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RE: Interlux goldspar satin varnish

I can't answer your question about the Interlux varnish, but if you find it won't work for what you need you could consider System Three WR-LPU in a satin finish.  I used it and it turned out great (a little tricky to put on, but if you can keep temperatures cool and increase the humidity by spraying water on the floor it's not too bad).  I picked it because it is water clean up (less toxic) t is reported to have a really hard finish (don't have to re-coat every year), is UV-resistant, and the satin finish looks great - I'm hoping it will hide minor scratches better than gloss. 

Good luck with your varnishing,


RE: Interlux goldspar satin varnish

I don't remember where exactly, but elsewhere on the forums I've read the logic is that these are all small craft. As such, they're not going to spend their life on the water, but will, occasionally, come out of the water, and live on land, where they'll be dry and not exposed to the same harsh conditions as a larger boat that lives at a dock or on a mooring. As such, "interior" paints and varnishes are often sufficient for small craft exteriors. 

 Someone who knows more than I do should probably condfirm or deny this though. 


-- James

RE: Interlux goldspar satin varnish

Peter, what I've heard is that satin finish varnishes are just regular gloss varnishes with a "flattening agent" added.  It might be possible to obtain some to create your own custom concoction from a more durable UV resistant gloss varnish.  Check with the manufacturers.

Another way to a matte finish is a final wet sanding with a very fine grit, +/or a rubdown using Scotchbrite.  I've also heard (ain't I all ears?) that gloss finishes last better because they reflect more direct sunlight back away from the surface.  But how big a deal that is, I really can't tell you.

- Grant,

RE: Interlux goldspar satin varnish

Thanks everyone for your replies, all helpful information. But the verdict is still out regarding how well goldspar satin really performs when used as suggested by the CLC store, although James probably has it right. Perhaps someone who has actually used it this way will stumble across this post and pipe in.

Otherwise, scotchbrite, eh? And you really can't see the scratches afterwards? 



RE: Interlux goldspar satin varnish


I would stay away from using scotchbrite as your 'finish'.  Scotchbrite, like any sandpaper, will give you a cloudy white finish similar to what your epoxy looks like before varnishing.  Also, you will see some small scratches.  If you were to apply 5 or so coats of gloss, then 2 coats of satin, the boat should have more then enough UV resistance.  The gloss does reflect more sunlight, but doesn't keep out the elements any better then a satin finish.  We've used satin finish Epifanes varnish on the cabin sole of our sailboat for years, and withstands 4 to 6 years of people with salt-water laden boots trapsing over it before it needs refinishing. 

Hope this helps,


RE: Interlux goldspar satin varnish

FYI, spoke with CLC customer service and here's what he said: its only the fact that the Goldspar Satin does not have UV protection that warrants the "interior use only" description. Its otherwise fine and dandy for the use I intend it for, i.e. adding a matte finish to my open boat interior ( a Chester Yawl ). Of course, this will be the final coat over 4 previous coats of Schooner varnish, with UV protection,  I already laid down. Rain / sea not a problem... so there it is.

 Thanks everyone for your input-




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