Oversanded to Wood

I oversanded down to wood on a few spots on the edges of the deck where it joins to the hull.  Can I just coat those areas with epoxy along with the the fiberglass or do I need to put in fiberglass patches.

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RE: Oversanded to Wood

This is an area where you need both strength and abrasion resistance that you can only get with cloth. I suggest you apply a two or three inch wide strip of bias-cut fiberglass where you oversanded or along the whole seam.

RE: Oversanded to Wood


I over sanded on both the bow and stern areas, especially on the pointy hull seams (easy to do, by the way, with a random-orbital on those sharp seams).  I put a 6oz patch from the deck-line all the way down about 2-3 feet for/back onto the hull (about 4 inches overlapping each side of the hull center) and then another 4oz piece, smaller coverage, over that.  Once cured and filled it was easy to sand and blend the "patches" with the existing glass.  Because I painted both the bow and stern tips I was able to fill in the uneven areas around the patches with epoxy filler (micro-balloons) for a smooth transition.  Will have some pics to post in a week or so, once painted, varnished (and ready for acqua!).

I'd definitely follow Wes' recommendation.


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