"Fancy Grab Handle" A question


B/c I'll most often be transporting my 16LT from car to water w/o help, I'm looking for the best handle solution to allow that. I'm considering mounting one of CLC'c Fancy Grab Handles at the point of 50/50 weight distribution, allowing (theoretically, at least) me to carry the boat like a (large) piece of luggage.

The CLC copy describing the grab handle mentioned that the above scenario works on its Jimmy Skiff (a much heavier boat than mine).

Thoughts on this (or alternative solutions) would be much appreciated.



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RE: "Fancy Grab Handle" A question

Think about how such a grab handle will scrape your knuckles when you are paddling.  Probably not good.  Most of us grab the cockpit coaming and haul away.  Another option would be to make a sling that wraps around the hull in two places and that closes with HD velcro.  Use it like a shoulder strap on luggage.  Then hold on to the cockpit to keep the hull from banging your side.  Good luck.

RE: "Fancy Grab Handle" A question

I've been carrying my Shearwater 17 by the coaming at the balance point near the front of the cockpit

RE: "Fancy Grab Handle" A question

The cockpit coaming is a fancy grab handle.  With boat on the ground, grab the near side of the coaming an stand up straight.  The boat now rests against your knees.  Pull up a little more and it is on your thighs.  Then reach for the other side of the coaming with one hand, lean back a little and pull the boat onto its side on your thighs.  Your shoulder is now only a few inches from the top ( far is now near) edge of the coaming.  Turning towards the bow, lift the boat and slip your shoulder into the cockpit with your hand inside.  I usually use the inside hand to grab the beck beam or a foot peg, and the outside hand on the coaming to balance the boat and walk.  If it is going to be a long walk you may want to put a folded towel on your shoulder for padding.  As noted previously, the balance point is right there in the cockpit so it is fairly easy to carry this way and the boat is not that heavy (I have a 16 lt and a 17lt.  I often load paddles, float, pump water bottle food, beach towel, etc in and it is still not that heavy

A handle near the center of gravity would definately get your knuckles.

Try the boat clean.  you can always add something later.  PS I do have toggles front and back that I tuck under deck lines for when I have help.




RE: "Fancy Grab Handle" A question


Excellent advice from all. Certainly glad I asked. Ed, the step-by-step guide to lifting/carrying was most helpful.

Bountiful thanks,


RE: "Fancy Grab Handle" A question

theres also the option of building a dolly there's instructions on this site somewhere

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