wot boat?

I've had a CLC 16, Pax 20,  currently paddle an expedition single, and row a 17' cedar canoe. They all go about the same speed over distance it seems...about 4 knots or 5mph. I am 6' tall and weigh 180 lbs.  I have plans for s&g shearwater but  am attracted to the WR 180 for its speed potential being slightly longer and its multichine look.  I paddle a large lake so its railroad steering is not a big problem to me and I'd like a second kayak for general paddling and occasional bursts of speed. What would you do?

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RE: wot boat?


The old West River 180 (buildable from plans) is strikingly fast in smooth water.  Very low wetted surface, just nothing to stop it.  A great many races are won in that boat to this day.  It's cranky in waves, which occasioned the complete stem-to-stern redesign in 2002 to create the West River 18, which is perhaps 8% slower but has nice manners.  The new WR18 WOULD be buildable from plans if I could find the time to draw them.

Plans for the original West River 180 are contained in the book The New Kayak Shop.

RE: wot boat?

I have a WR 18 and am pretty fast in it but I have been smoked by a Pax 18 so I have a hard time believing you would be able to go faster in a WR 18 than the Pax 20. I'm thinking seriously of building a strip Pax 18 as I need to go faster! That being said the WR 18 is a fantastic boat and fun to build also.

George K

RE: wot boat?

"...but I have been smoked by a Pax 18 ..."

Hmmm. Which end did it puff on?

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