fish eye in the varnish

    I am finishing a 16.5 and the first coat of varnish shows some bb sized fish eyes in it. How do I fix that?

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RE: fish eye in the varnish

light sanding is the only way i know how to fix it. 



RE: fish eye in the varnish

Sandpaper is magic stuff.  It can fix boo-boos in resin, varnish, paint.  It can even get rid of those pesky fiberglass threads that come off when putting the second layer on.  How does it know how to do all that?  Jer

RE: fish eye in the varnish

Sand Sand Sand and then clean clean clean Fisheyes in finish are usually caused by some impurity on the surface to be varnised so clean the complete surface with Denatured alchohol and then wipe with the thinner you will use to thin your varnish with and allow to completely dry 15min to an hour

then move ahead with your finish 

RE: fish eye in the varnish

Just throwing a comment out there; use of silicon spray, in any form, is a sure way to cause fisheyes.  The stuff is very light and will drift all over your shop, leaving invisible little fisheye-creating spawn on every surface.  Silicon spray does not belong in a woodshop.  Pledge contains silicon.  Not that I'm admitting to any adverse experiences...but keep that stuff out of your AO!

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