Question: sequence for adding deck on triple?

Hi, everyone.  My on again, off again project is on again. Deck pieces are rough cut, ready to install.  Manual for CH states:start with aft piece and then install fore piece and do the little trick at the butt joint to make them meet.  The triple uses three large pieces for deck but doesn't spell out process specific to I install the center piece first and then each end? Does it matter?


Thanks for any input....

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RE: Question: sequence for adding deck on triple?

I have'nt built a triple.  I would look at the size of the cockpit cutouts.  You want them to be the right size.  that may tell you to start in the middle and work towards the ends (little or no cockpit shrinkage). or if there is lots of spare or you want a smaller cockpit, then start with the ends and finish by trimming the middle to fit.  I tend to think working from one end or the other might shift the cockpits to much fore or aft.

Hopefully someone with triple experience or the CLC guys will chime in.



RE: Question: sequence for adding deck on triple?

It seems like a straightforward thing but, having never done one, I thought I would ask BERFORE I put epoxy to boat.  I have the three deck pieces cut out with cockpit openings cut out as well.  There is overlap by both end pieces over the center piece.  I left enoughmaterial when I cut the outside edge (shape) of the deck, as well as the cockpit openings, to allow for some adjustmentduring, and after, installation...I've learned it is easier to take away extra material than it is to add....usually.....

Thanks for your input.



RE: Question: sequence for adding deck on triple?

At the risk of giving advice based on the wrong boat, I'll throw some in anyway.  On the MC 16.5, the fore and aft pieces go on first.  The midship pieces port and starboard are then butted on one end and lapped on the other.  Finally the tricky bit about trimming the excess to achieve the butt at the other end. When you install the end pieces, scoot them around until you have the cockpit opennings where you want them, being sure you still have trim everywhere you want it.  Do lots of dry-fitting before you commit to glue.

Good luck.

Paul G.

answer: sequence for adding deck on triple?


 Thanks for the comments.

 For posterity's sake, here is what John H. had to say on the question

"I put the center piece on first on every Triple I ever built. It's
easier, as you can let the extra deck material "flow" off the ends of
the boat, to be trimmed later.

Keep an eye on the cockpit opening locations. You still may need to
trim the butt joints.


RE: Question: sequence for adding deck on triple?

Put the middle deck piece on last nite, solo, after trial fit.  Combination of a couple of tie down strapps, non-stretch tape and some barbells made it easy. I was carefull to put plastic down in the cockpit to catch drips, especially off of the cross members (beams).  Also, taped the hull along the seam between deck and hull to catch squeze out - glad I did both as it will save a lot of claenup.  Additionally, after securing deck, I reached inside with gloved hand and filleted the squeze out along both sides of the deck beams (4).  This ensured a smooth surface that won't need later filing of 'poky' places, as well as making a stronger bond.....very satisfying!

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