Interlux brightside

What is the "shelf life" of unopened interlux Brightside? Thanks !

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RE: Interlux brightside

Good question.

I looked on their website, found a PDF file you can read that says nothing about how long but does suggest storing in moderate temps.

Some reports suggest 1 year max. but this usually is for leftovers.

I’d add if unopened, I’d store it upside down too so the contents are in contact with lid. Same applies to any product that ‘cures’ in contact with air.  

RE: Interlux brightside

Stored at room temperature, I'd guarantee a never-opened can of Brightsides for a year after you get it. 

Once opened...yikes. Couple of months at the outside, especially if there's much air in the can. 

The failure mode is the inadvertant escape of the VOCs or solvents in the paint that are mixed in to keep it liquid in the can.  

Not to be all markety and stuff, but those "Stop-Loss" bags really do double or triple the lifespan of your leftovers. I just wish my colleagues would remember to write a date and description on the outside of the bag!

RE: Interlux brightside

Might be a training issue, John.  Roll up a newspaper and initiate training program.  "See this unlabeled stop-loss bag?" Whack!  "Bad dog!"  Lovingly, of course....<;-)


P.S.  You might have to use fingerprints to identify the guilty dog, if there is any amgibuity about that.

RE: Interlux brightside

Thanks for the input, everyone. My nine-month-old interlux is working just fine.

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