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Sorry if this is a tired subject.  I'm new to this arena and eady to varnish my first CLC project (a Kaholo 12);  I'm looking for varnish choices other than the Interlux Schooner because of the amber tint touted by the website.  The board has such a beautfiul blonde color that I'd like to alter it as little as possible.  I am looking to stay with a varnish (as opposed to a clear coat, for instance) as I'd like the practice varnishing.  Does anyone have any experience with a varnish that goes on with relatively little color change for a first-time varnisher?



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RE: Choice of Varnish

   There's Epifanes classic Clear Varnish or RapidClear.  I've used the Epifanes RapidCoat (slightly amber version) and it does let you build coats faster than the conventional varnish, but I've not used the clear version.  Interlux also has a clear one, Compass, but not carried by CLC.  That said, I really like the look of the Schooner on mahogany as well as ash (dark and light woods).

RE: Choice of Varnish

After using Interlux Schooner on six kayaks, I went with Epifanes RapidClear on the Goat Island Skiff that I completed this summer.  The main reason for the switch was that I was to avoid the labor of wet sanding.  RapidClear is a semi-gloss so it does not produce the high gloss furnature like finish of Schonner, but it looks very good, goes on very fast and is very easy to use.  I coated the interior of my skiff with five coats in about 8.5 hours total spread over 2.5 days.  I highly recommend this product unless you really have to have that furnature grade shine.


RE: Choice of Varnish

   Thank you both very much for the input (and for the trouble of posting pictures- beautiful work, by the way!)  I can find one that will work great among the options you listed.  Cheers!


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