Meetup in Port Townsend?

Hey folks,

Looks like we're just about a month out from the Wooden Boat Festival at Port Townsend, WA.  Is anyone interested in getting together for a while on Saturday afternoon by the CLC booth?  

I'm just about finished with my 2nd boat, a gunter-sloop Passagemaker (non-Take-Apart).  My first being an Eastport Pram.

We can talk about things like:

1.  Boats we have built, challenges and benefits.

2.  Boats we're seriously thinking about building - Lots of plans are available at the booth at boat show discounts.

3.  Specifics - epoxy, rigging, making vs. buying sails, etc.

4.  Disaster stories (e.g. I have one about capsizing on Lake Union), and what we've learned from it.

5.  How awesome the Wooden Boat Festival is and other stuff we've seen (e.g. I've regularly been able to talk to Geoff Kerr down on one of the boats).

6.  You experience building your Passagemaker at The Center for Wooden Boats on Lake Union (I may make an appearance down there with my new PMD).

7.  How excited you are about picking up your new CLC kit in PT with free shipping!

8.  Show & Tell - I might bring a few things, including t-shirt(s).

9.  Sourcing - While it may just be easier to the stuff you need for your boat from CLC, especially if they have a Labor Day sale, but I've gotten stuff from Downwind Marine, Fisheries Supply, West Marine, Sailrite, etc. while putting this gunter-sloop rig together.

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