Falcon Sails experience?

Hello all,

I'm considering a small sail rig for my newly completed Mill Creek 16.5. This would be my first entry into sailing. As much as I like the CLC Sailrig it's a big layout of time and money for what may be a fleeting interest. Does anyone have experience using a Falcon sailrig? Other than messing up my clean deck with a bunch of hardware it looks pretty interesting.




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RE: Falcon Sails experience? Adding Kuvia KayakSailor

Deeper down the rabbit hole. Any thoughts on this one?


The Mill Creek would look great with a genoa :)



RE: Falcon Sails experience?

Honestly, if you are looking for a sailing experience, I would not recommend either.  They are a good way to add a little speed to your kayak going downwind, but they wont turn a kayak into a sailboat.

The Falcon rig will only be useful when you are going downwind.  You won't be able to sail to windward because without some kind of a keel, your flat bottomed Mill Creek will move sideways just as fast as it moves forward.  The fact that you would have to mount the Falcon all the way forward will also make it really hard to even point the boat to mindward.

The KayakSailer rig would be a bit better because it adds leeboards to conteract leeway, but it still won't go to windward very well because the sail is just to small.

If you are just looking to add a little downwind speed, you might look at some of the cheaper downwind sailes like Wind Paddle.  Kayak sails like this are often used for long adventure races like Water Tribe.

If you want your Mill Creel to be closer to a real sailboat, I would add the Mill Creek Sail kit.  It comes with a sail that is over 2x the size of the KayakSailor (10x the Falcon) and also has a leeboard and rudder.  More importantly, this kit is designed to put the sail's areodynamic center tin the correct position relative to the the boat's center of lateral resistance.  This means that it will sail balanced.  It would be a bit of work but about the same price as Falcon and Cheaper than KayakSailor.

RE: Falcon Sails experience?

   That's some very helpful info! I really appreciate you taking the time to reply and thanks for the pic- that's a great looking boat.

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