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I completed my Annapolis tandem wherry at the beginning of the year and have been having fun rowing it up and down the creek since then. Last outing, i heard some sloshing from the forward air tight compartment. I will be installing inspection ports but have not done so yet. Turning the boat over i can see some damage but am surprised that this has let water in. What is the best way to repair this? I was thinking sand, 2 coats of epoxy and then paint unless anyone has any better ideas?

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RE: Hole in boat

How I'd do it:

1. Sand

2. Let it dry for a few days

3. Paint first coat of epoxy and let it soak in but not cure

4. Put a strip of glass entirely over the damaged area and then some

5. Fill weave, sand, fair, etc. (you know the drill) and paint

The main difference between your description and mine is the glass. It should help with repeat scratches, dimensionally stabilizethe pieces and guarantee an even layer of epoxy to seal the crack.

Also, if it's surprising that this has let water in, it may be worth it to hunt for alternative entry points.

Good luck,



RE: Hole in boat

   Thanks Laszlo, that is very helpful. My concern with the glass was whether it would stick to the painted surface. I agree that it would make for a stronger fix over the wood

RE: Hole in boat


You're right, it won't stick well to paint. That's why the first step is sanding. You need to sand the entire area that is going to be glassed down to clean epoxy and/or bare wood.



RE: Hole in boat

   Yes, thanks Laszlo. I figured out that is what you meant and sanded the whole area down last night. Glass is cut to shape. I know that the time to cure epoxy depends on a few things, but when you say 'soak in but not cure' am i waiting for a couple of hours or overnight before applying the glass?


RE: Hole in boat

10 - 15 minutes, just long enough for the wood to suck it in a bit, but not enough to begin curing. 


RE: Hole in boat

   I would put tape on the outside of the hole sand around the inside of the hole. Fill from the inside with Marine-Tex epoxy putty leaving a plug of Marine-Tex on the inside of the repair to provide adhesion and support for the repair. If you want the repair to disappear fill with Marine-tex but only to 1/16 to 1/32 " below the surface of the outside of the hole. Fill with color matched gelcoat on the outside, wet sand then compound and polish.

RE: Hole in boat

Thanks for your advice Jon, but the boats on tis site do not use gelcoat. They tend to be MAS or WEST epoxy and Interlux paints. Is Marine-tex compatible with those? Their website seems to indicate that it's more for repairing commercially-built boats.



RE: Hole in boat

You know that is just close enough that I really can't tell there is a hole there or seam or what. Maybe its my glasses.  I sense there is a leak in a seam or under some existing glass. If so you need to address that "void" before you bridge over it.  I've scratched the outside of my boats through the cloth and stil didn't get a leak. 


If you actually saw a hole, disregard all the above.    

RE: Hole in boat

   Thanks Grumpy. I couldn't see a hole. I have repaired and repainted per Laszlo's instructions and am hoping to splash later this week. i will let you know what happens! I will be putting the inspection ports in very soon as well, so that might help spot any leak

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