Fitting the deck and hull. How in the world?!?!

I'm building a cedar strip Petrel. The fiberglassing is all done and I'm ready to put the deck and hull together. The hull seems to have relaxed a LOT. Even with two people and the fiberglass reinforced packing tape and prying with a putty knife, they are not going together. The deck is more narrow. I've found several posts with solutions to the opposite problem (narrow hull and wide deck), but no solutions to this problem. Any ideas? I'm afraid that even if I get creative and squeeze in the bottom, the packing tape won't hold until the fiberglass seam tape cures, or even worse, that it will pull apart the seam tape. Any tips or suggestions are welcome! Thanks in advance.

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RE: Fitting the deck and hull. How in the world?!?!

   Short answer before heading to airport.  This is pretty normal on boats shaped like the Petrel. After removing from the forms, the hull takes more rocket which widens it.  Put the hull back on the strongback/forms and strap it tightly in place with car top straps, then let it sit in your hot garage for several days. You may have to remove bow and stern forms to get it to fit.  Leave it on the forms until just before installing the deck.

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