Outwales Eastport Prim Question

  Question?  I believe by using 2 inch C-claps when installing the outwales, it may be easier to instll them one at at a time on each side especiall if you are working alone. I see no problem if you are not in a hurry.

Any opinions or thoughts is appreciated.

Thanks in advace.



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RE: Outwales Eastport Prim Question

   This is what can happen when you work on one side at a time.  If the boat doesn’t fall, you still might pull it out of shape.


RE: Outwales Eastport Prim Question

   Not sure why that didn’t post:


RE: Outwales Eastport Prim Question

    Maybe I was not clear on my intial message.  The three seat bulkheads are installed on the Prim.  Each outwales is 1/2 by 3/4 inch. (2 is rquired for each side.) Thus  what i had in mind is to install first on one  port and next starboard the next day.  (Buy just enough clamps to do one side a a time.) The second outwales can be installed again on port and than starboard. as stated above.   Thus less pressure on bending the outwales.



RE: Outwales Eastport Prim Question

Yes, gluing up one layer of one side at a time is acceptable.  When I used c clamps on my EP, I used plywood pads on the inside to keep the foot of the c clamp from marring the inside of the rub rail.  This may put you close to the 2" limit.  On my PM, I had many more f-style clamps, so didn't have to use pads.

Also, always do a dry fit of all the clamps before mixing any epoxy, so the c clamps are already at the right position.  This will also let you know if the rub rail will snap when you bend it into place (something you don't want to happen after you've already buttered it up).  The curve on the EP is somewhat more pronounced because it's such a short boat.  

RE: Outwales Eastport Prim Question

   CaptainSkully, I agree on testing out the clamps before epoxy.    I may use heavy flexible plastic than plywood to reduce inside rub rail marring.  I will also test heavy spring clams before I go out and purchase C clamps before epoxy. 


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