help with NE Dory sailtrack build

Hi. My son and I are in the last stretch of a project started 6 years ago ( He was 12 then.). We are putting on the sailtrack but somehow the numbers aren’t adding up. If the 2 pieces of track equal 144 in (12’ in 2 pieces) and the track is supposed to start 28 1/4” up from the bottom of the mast plus a 1” gap between, the track would end up too long for the madt. It seems that it needs to ve trimmed down but to what measurement ( and if that’s the case why does the sail kit contain 8’ and a 4’ piece...)?  Am I to use the 8’ piece starting at the 28 1/4” mark and then just trim the batten and track at the top where it meets the cheek block? How long do the batten and track ultimately need to be ( adding in the 1” space? Thanks! 

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