Trailer lights question

this is a little off topic but I figured that with the brain power in this group I might get an answer. I am replacing the lights on my kit trailer with LEDs. I noticed that on the mounting brackets for the taillights there are little rubber strips. They were there on the old lights and the replacement lights have them too. What are they for? Do they go between the lights and the brackets or on the back of the brackets? Thanks in advance.

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RE: Trailer lights question

Most "waterproof" trailer lights have a gasket that goes between the lense and the fixture to keep water out of the contacts, lamps, etc.    

RE: Trailer lights question

   No, this is something else. It's a rectangular piece of thin rubber (neoprene?) slightly smaller than the rectangular surface where the taillights go, with two holes for the electrical mounting posts. I have two guesses. It could be insulation to isolate the electrical connections from grounding on the mounting bracket, or it might be for vibration mitigation, like the rubber motor mounts on some motorcycles. I think it's likely electrical insulation, but I'm not sure on which side of the bracket it goes. Hmmmmmm.....?

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