Stitch w/ Aviation Pliers

Posted by Darren Beck on May 30, 2001

As I was stitching up my kayak after winding, a friend offered me his aviation pliers. It is a plier that locks on to wires and had a rod that you pull which twists the entire plier in an even 8 twists per inch. It is used to put safty wires through nuts and bolts in an aircraft engine. Apparently those fly boys are nervous about bolts coming loose while flying. I can not compare to other techniques but I found it to be very handy. It certainly saved time and my wrists. I had to be careful to not over twist as I did break some wires and dented the wood a little at first. The joints were very tight. My only leaks from the filets was where I had installed some shims in the bottom of the hull for fairness.



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