Re: Sheer clamp size & wo

Posted by LeeG on Dec 17, 2007

Structually the 3/4"x1" dimensions are overkill but they provide a means to hide the ring nails in their various angles. The deep sheerclamp provides a place to sink the 1" #10 deck screws. The Arctic Hawk uses two layers of 4mm ply for a sheer clamp. If you're using that wood I'd opt for triangular 3/8" strip and use duct tape to bend the deck on and ss. machinine screws through the deck for rigging hardware. It sounds like it would be adding a heck of a lot of unnecessary weight if you used the same dimensions. For comparision various discontinued CLC models and the MillCreek 13 used 1/2" wide sheerclamps. All that wood is primarily needed for the angled screws/ringnails going through the tighter bent deck, it doesn't have to be that thick to join the deck/hull once the epoxy cures.

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