Re: Kayak workouts

Posted by skiffrace on Nov 29, 2007

Hi Laszlo ,

Gee, I guess it is the old rower in me that craves the speed. A well-trained rower can go 11-12 MPH over in a single scull. Larger rowing boats are even faster.

Still remembering the speed of rowing a shell, paddling a kayak feels like a sitting on a back of a snail.

My "need for speed" is not completely rational-I can go 5-6 MPH in my Arctic Tern and get good workout. Still, we humans are not completely rational creatures (are we?)

However the "short sets/heavy weights and long sets/light weights" does not necessarily apply here. You will actually get very different training effect with each of those methods, but in my case I want the speed not only to feel it but also simply to be able to cover long distances in less time, so I can see and explore more, not to mention that in some situations (struggling against the current, wind etc) speed may save your butt.


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