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Posted by Richard Lincoln on Nov 10, 2007

My new best friend is the Festoole sander. Very expensive but the owner of the shop where I work has two of these wonderfull machines. The Festoole is and orbital sander w/ a vacuum side and also a forced air side. The disc rides on a cushion of air while removing the dust w/ vacuum.

This set up keeps the disc cool and free from epoxy build up much longer than other machines. So, how good is it? I used four 150 discs and two 220 discs (the good ones)to completely finish sand the epoxy on the entire hull of my MC 13. No swirls and ready for paint.

The only prep work that I did was to Scrape some dribbles w/ a cabinet scraper and do some minor fairing of the stems w/ a 100 grit disc.

If you are doing any more boats, Santa needs to bring you one of these bad boys.


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