Re: Well- get him to brin

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Oct 1, 2007

Er, uhm, Kurt...I drink only the finest that Guinness has to offer (or whatever else is available). I am certain that Tony has a generous heart (you know, give to the needy batchelors and all) and wouldn't hear of NOT having something cold in the fridge for his friends, especially if there's a Canadian in the room. Everyone loves to buy Canadians a beer and Canadians love beer almost as much as Aussies.

As for the power tools, if I could bring mine I would but I strongly suspect that I would be arrested at the airport if I tried to bring my jig saw (could cut a hole in the fusalage of the plane) or japanese pull saw (could whap a stewardess on the fanny with it - very bad, but I could get a date out of it ;) ). The drills and bits - oh let's not go there. Easier if we just borrow someone else's tools and do a day project. There's an idea, build a hull and deck in a day (you can glass it some other day). That would be fun!

That all said, I godda meet a girl in Kalamazoo, no, er...Katy so once I got to Tex I'd have to stay in Houston for a couple 'o days. ;)

Robert N Pruden

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