Re: Joinable two section

Posted by John Beck on Aug 20, 2007

Anton, Based on you comment of space constraints, I presume you plan on building it as 2 separate sections, which I don't think can be done. Although I haven't built one, CLC Passagemaker dinghy can be built so the hull can be separated into 2 halves so they are the experts in this matter. I say the boat "is built to be separted" rather than "built in 2 pieces" because, I think, the the boat is built full length in one piece with the separting bulkheads placed back-to-back. When the boat is done then it is sawed in half between the bulkheads. The reason for this is to assure a fair run of each plank and the deck when the boat is bolted together. Building the front and rear separately will most likely result in very unfair lines and perhaps a kink at the join which may affect the characterists of the boat.

Again, this is my perception of how take apart boats are built and the Passagemaker folks are the experts.

I hope you are able to work something out, and good luck, John

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