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Posted by John Pollard on Aug 8, 2007


Why not consider the Passagemaker Dinghy?

When we were looking for a larger tender for our sailboat, we first considered but then ruled out the Skerry due to its length. Later, when CLC introduced the PMD, we knew we'd found the right design. It's shorter length (11.5' vice 15') makes it more manageable as a tender, yet it carries a greater payload than the Skerry and to me feels significantly more stable. We can walk around inside ours without concern for stability.

Now, a year after launching, we can't say enough about how well this boat serves as a tender and sailing dinghy. Maybe worth a second look even if you've already considered it?

Peter Eipers hosts a great PMD website, if you're interested in builder-feedback:

PassageMaker Dinghy Builder's Forum

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