Re: Skerry Stability

Posted by Bob Santore on Aug 8, 2007

I have never been in an Eastport, so I can't give you a comparison. But the Skerry is pretty stable. My usual means of getting into it is to load kids/wife/whoever in while in shallow water, and then just clamber over the side myself and away we go. I think that's pretty stable!

I use it in an area that can get very choppy, and has a fair bit of motor boat traffic, so lots of boat wakes to contend with, and never felt those conditions were an issue with the stability of the boat.

I won't say I've never tipped it over though! :-) But, that was in some extreme wind and with a comical bit of live ballast going to the wrong side of the boat.

I have also been teaching my kids to sail in the Skerry. The rigging is a bit tricky for a teaching boat, but it's easy to sail once it's rigged.

You may also want to ask at the Skerry forum:

- Bob

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