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Posted by Ron Paro on Jul 28, 2007

Hi Christopher, One thing that I forgot to mention in my near-epic response above, was that it is much easier to bail from inside the boat than from the outside. This may seem like a 'duh' statement, but I started to bail from outside because the Jimmy Skiff, without additional buoyancy bags under the open thwarts, rides very low in the water when swamped. It seems to be best to: 1) 'lower' the sail on the mast, if the water is rough, I would also consider removing the mast from the step and re-tie the halyard and snotter so that the mast and boom won't float away. 2) swim around to the bottom side of the hull. 3) right the hull by kneeling on the dagger board and pulling down on the gunwale. 4) climb aboard, in rough water, use the mast as an outrigger. 5) get yourself centered, and begin to bail, while sitting on a thwart with your feet spread for a wide stance to help keep balanced. 6) catch your breath, then decide to re-rig or paddle/row to shore.

I have a hand-held bailing pump that I use when kayaking, but I found that in an open boat, a three-gallon bucket is MUCH faster.

I have since added the buoyancy bags, but have not tried my capsize recovery drill with them yet. When I do, I'll post some pictures with and without the bags in place. I expect that the difference will be significant.

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