Re: 10 Years in the Makin

Posted by J. Calvert on Jul 25, 2007

When I first got the kit I completed all the way to the glassing of the hull. The only wood I had left to store was the deck, beams, and coaming. I kept it all in the original boxes, always stored inside in my basement. I have a very dry basement so moisture wasn't much of an issue. Note: if storing in basement stay clear of any hot water heater or other pipes with potential to leak. I had this happen, but fortunately not where my bare wood was stored. I did have a leak on the kayak hull but it was glassed and covered with epoxy so it was a non issue. I did clean the hull with laquer thinner before I put any more epoxy on it.

The opened original containers of epoxy were a loss. I bought all new epoxy when I restarted this year.

One advantage of the delay was incorporating some improvements to the design. For example when I bought the kit the instructions did not include glassing the deck and and the foot braces included with the kit were wood blocks

Anyway, I would not recommend stretching it out that long, but sometimes stuff just happens.

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