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Posted by LeRoy on Jul 6, 2007

[ďThat Albright knot ends with one working end perpendicular to the line, I'm not seeing that in the pic.Ē]


You canít see it because itís on the opposite end in the picture.

Also, when using stiff monofilament the tag end will tend to stick out at an angle, but rope, being more flexible, allows it to lay parallel when the loop is pulled tight. I included a link to a photograph of the knot using flexible line (fly line and backing), but even this photo doesnít show the true effect you get with rope. Youíll like the site... itís animated.

If someone can upload & post for me, Iíll email a picture of my knot for comparison.


It took less than 2 minutes to tie the Albright with one piece of rope and no complicated splicing so Iím fairly confident itís an Albright.

I would like to know how he neatly secured the tag end you see buried in the center of the knot (notice dark burn spot). Probably when he cut and burned the end it naturally shrunk neatly into the knot.

But, we may never know for sure...

Animated Albright Knot

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